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How to Write a Great Personal Ad 
Not sure what to write in your personal ad? Here are some suggestions:
Do's   -   Dont's   -   Photo Tips   -   Examples of Great Ads
  • Read our Guidelines. Do this before you post an ad so you can be sure that your ad will get posted on the site. All personal ads are subject to rejection or removal.
  • Post a photo. Want more responses? The easiest and best way to get noticed is to post a photo of yourself with your personal ad. Make sure the photo depicts how you "normally" look. People are generally attracted to everyday shots rather than "glamour" shots.
  • Describe yourself. Think of what you'd want to know about someone and answer those questions about yourself. People are more likely to respond to your ad if they are attracted by something you've told them about you.
  • Show - don't tell. Instead of saying you "like music, movies, and restaurants," offer specific examples.
  • Be creative. Make your ad stand out by including a special quote or describing your most intriguing feature or most memorable experiences. If you have a sense of humor, don't just say so -- show it! Have fun with your ad.
  • Pay attention to spelling and grammar. People are more likely to take your ad seriously if you've put some thought into it. First, be spontaneous, then read it over. Use proper punctuation and capitalization. ADS WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS LOOK LIKE SHOUTING. ads written in all lowercase with no punctuation even commas are hard for readers to understand dont you agree
  • Don't lie. You are better off telling the truth in your ad. Honesty can prevent disappointment for both you and your potential date. Just remember - you could end up meeting someone who reads your ad, so don't say you're 6'1" if you're really 5'4".
  • Don't write your life history. Write enough about yourself to catch someone's attention. Don't include detailed, personal information.
  • Never include your address and phone number in an ad. If you decide you want to give out personal information in future correspondence, be sure you're giving it to someone you can trust.
  • Read our Guidelines. Do this before you post a photo so you can be sure that it will get posted on the site. All photos are subject to rejection or removal.
  • Ads with photos get more replies. So add one to your personal ad!
  • Use an everyday photo. It's better not to use "glamour" shots.
  • Post only one photo. Do not post a "collage" of photos -- they'll be rejected.
  • Only 2 people allowed per photo. The photo accompanying your personal ad should only include yourself (and your partner if it's a "couple" ad).
  • Nudity is not allowed. Do not post nude photos on LovingDates.com Personals ads.
Great Ads
Don't copy these example ads because then everyone's ad will say the same thing! Just use them as a reference.

Woman Seeking Man
Hi! I'm a 27-year-old, never-married, fun-loving woman who lives and works (very hard) in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm 5'7", 120 pounds with black hair, blue eyes, and bright green-painted toenails. I love all types of movies; the best ones I've seen lately include "Run Lola Run" and "The Cell," and my all-time favorites include "Braveheart and "It's a Wonderful Life." I'm a huge music fan and love Dave Matthews Band, Cake, Tom Petty, Susan Tedeschi, and Gipsy Kings. I've been known to get a little crazy at concerts; I even kissed Garth Brooks on the cheek after a show! Of course, I was only 16, so, forgive me. :-) My favorite book is "The Killer Angels," and I can't wait to finish reading "Hannibal." I want to learn to play the guitar, speak Spanish, and snow ski with grace. What I value most in my life is my rather large family, the Earth, and my hobby -- photography. One day, I hope to become the coolest, sexiest mom with a van full of kids that you've ever seen. So, if you love mushroom ravioli, romantic nights by a fire, and springtime camping trips, please reply! I prefer an honest man between ages 27 and 35 who wants kids, enjoys the same things I enjoy, lives nearby, and can appreciate a woman who's often been called "refreshing."

Man Seeking Woman
Are you looking for a sensitive man who'll really listen to you after a hard day's work? Look no further! I'm good looking: 6'1", blonde, brown eyes, dark skin, nice lips. I may not be the smartest man in the world, but I work hard in every facet of my life. I'm also divorced with no children. I guarantee I can change the oil in your car in 10 minutes flat. Just looking for a woman who appreciates Sunday picnics, baseball games, fine French dining, Broadway shows, casual BBQ dinners on my porch, and a little imperfection every now and then.


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