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Welcome! Personals Guidelines Personals gives users a way to find and interact with other people who may share their interests and goals. Just like a real community, different people may have different opinions and personalities in Personals. To make the most of your Personals experience, please read these Guidelines carefully and act accordingly. In addition, you may want to check out the writing tips, photo tips, and online dating tips.

In the interest of making Personals a fun way to connect with other people, we ask that everyone follow a few key rules, including:

You must be 18 years old or older to use Personals. Do not post ads that seek out or advertise users who are younger than 18.

Do not post an ad on behalf of another person. You may only post an ad for yourself.

Do not post your (or anyone else's) full name, email address, street address or phone number.

Do not post URLs, websites, Profiles, IDs, or instant messenger IDs/numbers.

Do not post adult-oriented content (e.g., nudity, overtly sexual language, etc.).

Do not post obscene, offensive, illegal or otherwise objectionable material.

Do not harass, threaten or use abusive or vulgar language.

Do not post detailed descriptions of physical characteristics (e.g., measurements, sizes, etc.) or the types of sexual activities that interest you. Such information is better conveyed in communications with individuals who reply to you.

Do not post ads if you are not looking to connect with another person or if it does not provide a general description of the type of person that interests you. If this is not your goal, may offer another service better suited to your needs.

Do not post ads that include discussions of illegal activities.

Do not write your ad title and description in a foreign language, characters or symbols. Personals is only able to support English language ads at this time.

Do not post a personal ad if you live in a country other than the United States or Canada.

Do not post more than one personal ad at a time.

Do not post ads or gather ad information using automated tools, unless specifically authorized (e.g., robots, crawling software).

Do not use this service for commercial purposes (i.e. spam, information gathering, etc.).

Do not post copyrighted content without permission from the owner.

Do not post an image if:

  • you are not in it
  • your face is not clear
  • it is an image of you as a child
  • it contains more than 2 recognizable people
  • it is something other than a non-animated GIF or JPG file
  • it includes contact info
  • it is not right side-up
  • it is a "collage" of images
  • it is larger than 5MB in size
View examples of unacceptable photos.

Please keep in mind that reserves the right to review, reject and remove any content that determines, in its sole discretion, to be in violation of these Guidelines, the Terms of Service, or the Personals Billing Terms of Service. Also, because the Personals service is designed to help facilitate relationships between individuals in the offline world as well as cyberspace, reserves the right to terminate your account or use of this service if we become aware of information indicating a safety concern for you, other Personals users, or the general public. Please report any violations of the Guidelines or TOS to our Customer Care group.



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